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Organized Crime

            I've seen a couple of movies that portray organized crime and it's pro's and con's. Some of you might be reading this and say "what pro's?", "How can he say that there are Pro's to organized crime?". Well I believe there are. When thousands or even millions of dollars are involved, that to some people is the ultimate success. "It's all about the BENJAMINS" some would say. A recent movie that I have seen that portrays this type of issue is called "EMPIRE". This is the story of Victor (John Leguizamo), a Latino drug dealer trying to go straight who trusts his money to a business investor (Peter Sarsgaard) and his girlfriend (Denise Richards), only to find out they're really. con artists.
             Do I think I would ever be tempted to participate in organized crime? From a personal stand point right now my answer would be no. Due to the fact that I wasn't raised within that type of environment and I have a wife and two children to look out for. I must also set the example and be a role model for my children and other young adults to follow. But let's say that my life was reversed and it came down to me getting involved within a crime organization to provide for my family than the answer would be yes. To some individuals money is everything and with money comes power. Money and power in most cases equals success. Name one American who wouldn't want the nicest and most expensive house on the block. The most luxurious clothing and jewelry. The new limited edition $250,000 vehicle that just came off the line last week.
             The cost to communities and individuals, in terms of pain and suffering caused by the violence and exploitation associated with these organizations, is incalculable. Also the damage to society resulting from these criminal organizations and their influence on labor unions, political institutions, financial markets, and major industries is immeasurable. In fact, a look at the economic impact alone gives a glimpse of the importance of this issue.

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