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Catcher In the Rye

             Holden and Sally go on date, Holden waits for her in the lobby of the matinee. In our times, if Holden and Sally were 17 and 18 these days they would probably go to century 12 and watch Bruce Almighty or something. What we are changing is the scene. Instead of going to a "matinee" they go to a movies. Of coarse, there are a lot of people buying popcorn or sodas, there will be people playing at the arcade, people standing in line buying tickets for later shows. So when sally finally shows up she's walking down the stairs where holden meets her and realizes that she is very attractive. What we are changing here is the scene as well. Instead of sally coming down the stairs. We"ll make he come out of the bathroom fixing her hair and she"ll be wearing jeans and a very cute top to match the shoes. In the book holden feels like marrying her. Just by the way she looks he feels like marrying her. He feels crazy to think about it but he does. Now guys wouldn't want to marry a girl if she looked good they"d want to used her for other things. Since they haven't seen each other for such a long time they are happy to meet again. This part can stay the same. We changed the way they talk to each other because you won't hear to many people say "swell" or "marvelous" You"ll probably hear them say "aright" or "that's coo". We are changing the part where holden and sally start getting to the movie. So when they finally start walking to the movie room, they get some seats where it's the darkest and furthest from the crowd. Sally and Holden start to mess around before the movie starts. After they stop messing around sally says to holden that she thinks that he should let his hair grow out and then braid it. So holden thinks that the movie is on the crappy side and didn't like it as much. In our play Holden thinks it's ok but really wanted to see a romantic movie with Sally. We are keeping the part of when they go out to smoke a cigarette .

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