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The hobbit book analysis

             This analysis essay is over the book, The Hobbit. The earliest publication of this book was in 1937. The Hobbit, once again, was a great book to read. One of the reasons why I like, The Hobbit, and all of the other J.R.R. Tolkien books, is because of the interesting plot the story has. Also, I enjoyed the way Tolkien describes and develops the characters in The Hobbit. Another large and unmistakable literary element portrayed in The Hobbit is conflict. Lets look at the plot of the book first.
             The plot in The Hobbit is immensely interesting and exciting. Basically, a firedrake dragon from the Withered Hearth has desolated and taken as his own the mountain kingdom of the dwarfish people, named Erebor. This dragon, named Smaug, has also taken the enormous treasure of the dwarves as his own, and he hoards it in the middle of the mountain in a grand chamber. Later a dwarf, grandson of the deceased king of Erebor, a wizard and there group of friends recruit a reluctant, peaceful, and lazy hobbit to help then kill Smaug and retake there now dead families" treasure. This plot is a plot of epic proportions and makes a story that is hard to forget.
             One of my favorite elements of this story is the delightful and unforgettable characters that inhabit Tolkien's world, middle earth. One of my favorite characters in The Hobbit is the hobbit himself, Bilbo Baggins. I like the way that Bilbo, at first, is very reluctant and unsure of himself, but then towards the end he grows more brave, adventuress, and sure of himself. Tolkien situated many different kinds of characters into this story. Some of these where dark and somewhat evil, such as Smaug and Gollum, smeagel being his real name, some being humorous and comic characters, such as Bombur, while even more being powerful mighty kind of people, such as Thorin and Gandalf. Gandalf was a very interesting character. He was the leader of the company for a great deal of the duration of the story.

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