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             Hybridized identity leads to the search for recognition.
             Kenya was a British colony since 1895. It later gained its independence in 1963. During the colonial period, the British government encouraged the settlement of European in Kenya and promoted education in the country by British missionaries in order to spread Christianity. As a result, western cultures and ideas were immerged in the country. After the period of colonization, people gained a hybridized identity: they carried both the African identity and the western identity as people tended to cling themselves to western lifestyle and thoughts which they believed to be superior. In the short story Minutes of Glory by James Ngugi, the author reveals that people in the society tend to accept and recognize those who bear a certain western characteristics whereas they incline to neglect those who are ordinary black. Some of the hybridized individuals no longer have confidence on themselves and are no longer certain of their identities. The search for recognition from others therefore becomes an essential key for one to gain his self-confidence and self-recognition. This brings out the theme of the story - Existentialism.
             Because of the British colonial rule, people are amazed and affected deeply by the influx of western values and ideas. They try to eliminate their black identity and immerge themselves into the western identity, which are commonly believed to be superior in the society. However, they are not successful in transforming themselves completely into a westerner. Therefore, they gain a hybridized identity. The protagonist of the story, who is a barmaid, has a hybridized African identity. The barmaid's original African name is Wanjiru but she likes her Christian name Beatrice' more. She uses her Christian name Beatrice as she adores western ideas and believes that Beatrice sounds more pure and beautiful. Even though she carries a beautiful western name, her dark skin cannot betray her to be a black African.

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