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             Standing on a blood-soaked carpet we look on. We look on to hope, victory and peace. And we see it shining in the distant end of a rainbow. All around us are bleak but we are strong. Our country needed us and we have not failed them. We have eradicated future terror. Today they will continue to suffer, but we have saved them from the torments of tomorrow. .
             Death fragrances the air.
             4 minutes left. I see a white toy gun rest on a table at the opposite end of the room. It reminded me of the one dad had brought me for my sixth birthday, except my one resembled an AK-47. He had told me that one day he would buy me a real one, just like Granddad had brought him once. Granddad was a war hero. Dad would tell me stories about how Granddad once single-handedly saved his platoon from the Vietnamese. He would tell me how Granddad was given numerous medals in commendation for his constant bravery on the battlefield. Did you know that during the heroic life of my Granddad he had saved over a hundred people? Dad said he was the best of the best - it was in his blood. Blood. I can still picture Granddad lying peacefully with his arms crossed over his chest. His face looked pale and cold, there was no blood left in his body. Dad said he had gone to heaven to join all the other soldiers, "And one day son, I will go there and so will you". I can't wait to go to heaven. Dad says that Mum went there when I was small and that she was waiting for me. I miss my mom; Dad never seems to want to talk about her. "There's nothing to say, your Mum was a quiet women, very intrusive. She had always wanted you to be a soldier - it was her dream. One day, you will make your mother proud. You too will be a hero". Mum, this is for you.
             The bloodstained walls stand silent.
             3 minutes left. Someone's coming - we quickly hide. I conceal myself into the darkness. The full moon casts itself in through the unveiled window, creating a slumberous atmosphere.

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