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Fluctuation in tones

            Poetry can sometimes be very difficult to understand and to analyze. John Donne makes his poetry easy to understand because he does not use a difficult language to get his message through his readers. In two out of many poems, "The Apparition" and "The Flea," he just uses imagery throughout his writing to have an effect on the reader without confusing them too much. His tone in his poems is very clear and concise, not obscure like some poets" writings. Andrew Marvell's writing in "To His Coy Mistress" was more difficult to understand than Donne's writing. His tone was easy to comprehend but his language was perplexing because with many poetic terms such as allusion, simile, or metaphors one can get confused to what the terms really mean. Since the poetry was written in the 1500 and 1600 hundreds, the words were different and the meanings were different. Donne started his writing in the early 1600's. After he became known for his many famous sermons, he died in the early 1630's. After his death, his poems started being published one by one. Then in the 20th century he became a very famous poet for his writings. Andrew Marvell wrote his poems in mid 1600's. His writings were published a short period after his death, and until today he too is very famous for his poetry. Both poets had different style of writing but both of their works, their arts were not published until after their death. All three poems, "The Flea," "The Apparition," and the "To His Coy Mistress" were all about seduction. All poems have seduction for the message, but each poem differs in tone and in language use.
             The poems are similar in a way that all three are about a man seducing the woman. These poems have several things in common. First one is that it is about love, seduction, and that the man tries to get the woman into bed whether by scaring her or teasing her. Moreover, it is the man who is seducing the woman and not the other way around in all of the poems.

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