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Romeo and Juliet: Comparison of 1968 & 1996 Films

            Comparison between Romeo & Juliet of Old and New .
             After viewing the two Romeo and Juliet films, one of which was directed by .
             Frank Zeffereli in 1968 and the other by Baz Luhrman in 1996, I was able to come up .
             with quite a few comparisons to Shakespeare's original screenplay. Had I watched .
             Luhrman's and Zeffereli's remakes of Romeo and Juliet without ever being exposed to .
             this masterpiece of work by one of the greatest writers of all-time, I clearly would .
             have been able to differentiate amongst the two productions, even though they both .
             fulfill and capture Shakespeare's flavor. His very own words. Some of the .
             comparisons I will make are the opening scene of the play, characters' attire, the .
             setting of some of the film's scenes, the different levels of aggression in .
             the two productions, means of transportation, and their weapons. .
             Zeffereli's adaptation, in my eyes, is extremely conservative, in other words, .
             very Shakespearean like. This film takes place in Victorian times and what is .
             transcribed on the big screen is likely what Shakespeare would had envisioned when .
             he wrote Romeo and Juliet. Using your imagination is an important element in .
             making Shakespeare's words come to life, in fact, in anything that you read. The .
             characters in Zeffereli's production seem well-mannered, respectful, courteous, and .
             ride on horses as means of transportation. .
             In the very opening scene of Act 1, Zeffereli's film depicts a fight scene .
             between servants of both the Capulet and Montague houses. The setting of this .
             quarrel takes place in the town market, for the public to see. The town market is full .
             of locals purchasing groceries and their respectfulness shows when a civilian very .
             mannerly buys fruit from a vendor. Another thing to note in the opening scene is the .
             attire that they are wearing. As I mentioned earlier, this film was shot during .
             Victorian times and the clothing that the locals are wearing confirms this.

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