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Water pollution of our major rivers

             Throughout the world, an increasing issue has become clearly apparent to the world's population affecting all living organisms. This problem is polluted water bodies, The consequences begin to take concessions upon the environment and its people. Ironically, pollution of water is caused by humans. Yet, More than 1 billion people do not have safe water to drink. Some water bodies with this problem include the Ganges River in India, the Colorado River in the United States, and The Nile River in Egypt. These three rives have been proclaimed some of the most contaminated rivers on the Earth. .
             To begin with, we may consider the situation of the Ganges River in India. This holy river is located at 25 degrees North and 68 degrees East wich is primarily in the North East of India adjacent to Nepal and Bangladesh. This significant River plays an important role for the Hindu Religion as well as common water necessities. These necessities may include drinking, bathing, and farming, all of which are greatly being put at a seriuous risk. The main obstacle is the fact that the Ganges river is used as a burial ground where hundreds of human and animal carcasses are either cremated or released into the riveras a part of ritual to carry the spirit to a higher life. The consequences of this come as "necrotic pollutants" which later cause the death of one person every minute due to the water situation. India has devised various plans using sewage treatment farms, pumping stations, purification plants, and 25,000 turtles.
             In addition to the Ganges River, the Colorado River appears to be extremely polluted. This river is located at approximately 34 degrees North and 114 degrees West, passing through Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, and Mexico. The River itself, is used by more than five states and two countries alone. The primary problem with this water body presents itself as irrigation and farming issues.

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