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Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo

             Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo is based on a real life story that takes place in Bosnia-Herzegovina during the 1990's. Nine years before the war began two teenagers both of different ethnic backgrounds had fallen in love. "She was a muslim, he was a serb. As a young couple, they tried to build a future, defying the hatred that was tearing their country apart."As things got worst in Sarajevo, Admira and Bosko decided to flee to Serbian territory. As they were crossing the no-man's land a sniper started shooting at them. He was killed instantly whereas Admira was left with so much strenght to go and lay at her lovers side. They are known as the Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo because their love and plans were shot down by the hatred of their religion. When you dramatize true stories you reach a greater audience and at the same time you receive a lot of benefits. The emotional impact is intensified thus creating sympathy, also, you get a deeper understanding of the situation that is being dramatized and you can put yourself in their shoes. .
             When dramatizing real life events the emotional impact is intensified. We get to know the characters opinions and feelings making it easier for us to understand the situation. "Mum, do you know what you are asking from me? I can't do anything else but to go with him. Go back to the past, about 30 years ago. Would you have gone with father?" The emotions are shown to us from real characters making the images more vivid. "I saw their bodies being hit with Molotov cocktails and they were shooting incendiary bullets to try to burn them, but they didn't suceed." Also, knowing for ourselves the ending we sympathize with the characters, making a mark in our memory. .
             Listening to what friends and family have to say about the war gives us an insight on the source of the conflict. The story is told through interviews with the family and friends of the two lovers.

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