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            Why is Marin Scorsese an Immigrant Film Maker?.
             Martin Scorsese is a second generation Italian American born on November 17, 1942. His parents were born in Italy and due to the bad conditions and work available in the Country they left Italy to find a better life in America. Since young Scorsese had a severe type of asthma which did not allow him to be involved in the normal activities young boys would do back then. As a result of his disease his parents took him to the movies all the time and as of this he became very interested in movies.
             Scorsese is called an immigrant film maker because of his families" country of origin and his customs and beliefs. Scorsese as an Italian-American went through many problems immigrant children experienced such as name calling. Scorsese is proud of his cultural backgrounds and shows many of his cultural aspects in his movie; furthermore, he puts his mother into his films and was used to having her around while he was rolling a movie. Scorsese also presents the idea of gangsters and how they are like a family and all these feeling towards family are very strong and very important to his Italian roots. .
             Over all Martin Scorsese is claimed to be one of the greatest film makers of his time, due to his unique style and feeling he has in his movies. His Italian-American heritage has given him a different perspective of life than many other film makers today and this is probably why he has had such success in his profession.

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