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            In various times and places throughout history, religion has had a profound influence on society. Buddhism is one of those religions. Buddhism was founded by a Hindu prince named Sidhartha Gautama. He began practicing this religion around 566 BC in India. Buddhism sacred text was the three baskets of wisdom. Buddhism has two major teachings. These teachings impacted and motivated some Hindus into converting to Buddhism.
             One major teaching of Buddhism is called the Four Noble truths. The Four Noble Truths are the cause and cure of suffering. Gautama made the discovery of the Four Noble Truths while sitting under a tree and meditating. The four noble truths answer the question: What is suffering and sorrow? What is suffering and sorrow caused by? How can we end suffering and sorrow? and How can we overcome suffering and sorrow? Gautama now known as Buddha said that to overcome suffering and sorrow you have to follow the eight fold path known as the middle way.
             The eightfold path/Middle way is a set of moral guidelines to help you reach Nirvana. Nirvana is the state of eternal bliss or the perfect state of existence. One can compare to the Hindus Dharma and the Ten Commandments to Christianity. Buddhist was told that by following the eight noble truths their life would be reincarnated until they reach Nirvana and then reincarnation would end. Buddhism teachings were spread all over India, China and Japan.
             The impression left by Buddha influenced followers to become missionaries and teach the importance of non-violence good works. Asoka, the best known ruler of the Maurya Empire helped a lot in the distribution of information all around China. He contributed in making Buddhism a world religion. However, before Asoka, there were two schools/sects dedicated to teaching Buddhism. One was called the Theravada Sect and the other The Mahayana Sect.
             Buddhism has had a profound influence on people.

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