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Soul Searching

            John Keats "Ode to Psyche" is a lyrical poem that is revealed through a euphoric utopia where ideas and aspirations become the fundamental elements that maintain the human spirit. The persona's perpetual love for the goddess Psyche is clear by way of his proposal to create the perfect life for her. She is everything that represents the human soul and can be seen as the road map of ones inner most desires and regrets. As the stanzas are revealed so is the persona's journey. There is a struggle to develop the ability of accepting fate as Keats ponders the idea of self-worth and spiritual existence in the world. Through the "Ode" the poet unveils the awakening of self-completion. .
             As the narrator is wandering in a dream-like world, he is startled to see two lovers in the distance. He watches them intently: "In deepest grass, beneath the whisp"ring roof" (Keats 878). The plush colours that surround them exaggerate the intensity of the poem. The descriptive words can do nothing but stimulate the power of imagery: "Blue, silver- white, and budded Tyrian." (Keats 878) A fantasy world is created through the animation of words. The words carry the reader down a path, which eventually leads to self worth and strong determination. The poet develops the poem to create this feeling of purpose and worth because these are the qualities that are needed to succeed the path of life. The intimacy that exists between Eros and Psyche cannot be attained without a battle. The two lovers are connected to each other in a way that only they can comprehend because they have reached the end of their journey. The result of this passionate experience takes the man to a level of the supremacy. As the persona continues to observe the couple it is clear that Psyche is a believable representation of the good will and generosity among men. Her presence will allow a man to figure his way through life. Psyche is the atlas that shows the points of destination in the world of life.

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