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Tomorrow When the War Began (a John Marsden book)

            An important character in this novel is Ellie and she is important because she shows how human beings can adapt to their circumstances. She was forced into a war situation and faced adversity which forced her to adapt and mature.
             Ellie began life as a rural teenager. She lived on a farm and her life consisted of school, friends and family. She was sheltered:.
             "Our lives had always been so unaffected by the outside world.".
             She loved "being a rural" and had little pressure other than to milk cows. Despite this gentle lifestyle I gained an impression early on in the novel that Ellie is an intelligent leader being confident in herself and showing strengths of character. This is further shown when Ellie and her friends were thrust into a volatile war. Ellie was forced to kill three soldiers in order to save herself and her two friends:.
             "This is war now and normal rules don't apply.".
             We see Ellie being reflective and realising that she had special qualities.
             "It was hard for me to believe that I, plain old Ellie; nothing about me, middle of the road in every way; had probably just killed three people.".
             She questions her motives and eventually accepts her situation. We see her able to make adult decisions.
             "I stopped being a normal teenager and began to become someone else.".
             Ellie's important because she shows that within us all are qualities that emerge only when circumstances change. Human beings can adapt to almost all situations showing a courage and an ability to cope with adverse circumstances. Ellie is important because she shows the complexity of human nature and our ability to reflect on our lives.

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