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Death On the ice Timeline

             1885 Westbury Kean, captain of the S.
             March 9th, 1914 12:00AM The Newfoundland pushes through the loose ice towards the Wesleyville (Her final port before heading to the ice) .
             March 10-11th, 1914 Newfoundland Reaches Wesleyville, and picks up remainder of crew. .
             March 12th, 1914 8:00AM The Newfoundland, along with the Eagle leaves for the ice-field. .
             March 12th, Evening Two stowaways found, and brought before Wes. .
             March 14th, 1914 8:00 Newfoundland's Crew spots their first seals, scattered families of hoods. but they don't stop to hunt them. .
             March 14th10:00 AM Wes Kean spots Stephano approaching. .
             March 14th12:00 PM Both the Stephano and Florizel pass the S.S. Newfoundland. .
             March 15th, 1914 10:30 AM Newfoundland is halted by ice. .
             March 16th 1914 No major events, due to it being Sunday. .
             March 17th 1914 Men on Newfoundland unable to make progress, so men put over side to kill Hood seals. .
             March 20th 1914 Newfoundland still not "into the seals." .
             March 26th 1914 Sign of seals, 15 pelts brought in that day. .
             March 27th 1914 Crew begins using dynamite to break ship out of ice. .
             March 27th Barometer at 30.60. .
             March 27th Wes orders crew over side, they return with 300 pelts. .
             March 27th, Evening Newfoundland steams westward, towards Seals. .
             March 28th1914 10:00 AM-4:00 PM Wes Kean Leaves ship in search of seals, but finds none. .
             March 28th Newfoundland stuck, in the same location as the Greenland was when she was lost. .
             March 29th Newfoundland still jammed, only 400 pelts on board. Crew had a hymn-singing that raised their spirts. .
             March 30th 1914, 8:00AM The Newfoundland moving Northward, spots the Stephano and the Florizel. Captain Joe Kean of the Florizel has a conversation with Wes, about his hard luck, and how Wes thought the seals lay to the west. Barometer 30.60. .
             March 30th Night Newfoundland jammed, burns down for the night.
             Wes makes decision for men to walk across the ice in the morning if they cant move.

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