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How Stereotypical Gender Roles Mold A Viewer

             Stereotypes are all over and all around us, it does not take a reader long to see a stereotypical gender role advertisement when going through a typical magazine or even watching television. Gender stereotypes are not a new controversy, stereotypes date back to the beginning of time. Men in society's view have always had seniority over women, man first discovered America, and women have always been subject to care giving tasks. Children are influenced greatly by these stereotypical views while watching a cartoon or reading an educational book. This research paper goes further into much detail on past research done on the subject matter, also looking a small portion of our local views on gender stereotypes. .
             Introduction and Context of the Problem.
             Most if not all viewer's of advertising notice the gender specific roles that apply for men and women. Women are the house keepers, from cleaning to doing everyone's laundry, and cook wonderful dinners after picking their kids up at soccer. While the man is working, providing for his family, and the only cooking he may do is on the grille on a hot summer day. There has been much research done on these topics, from how it influences children's perspective of their mothers and fathers, to the way women are portrayed as sex goddess while men are big and tough (Condry, 3). To solve these problems advertisers need to show positive roles held by women and also men (Coney, 4). The world is coming to a double standard way of life, for example what goes for one person can go for another. Children need to be taught this at an early age, according to Erikson children are developing autonomy, initiative, and a sense of industriousness (Erikson, 4). At a young age children are most vulnerable to negative stereotypes that may harm their own views of others and themselves. Even adults spend thousands of dollars each year just to improve their outer appearance, shows now give people the chance to have complete makeovers.

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