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Life and Loves of a She Devil by Fay Weldon

            A "normal- man married to a woman who is a little bit ugly, let's say she doesn't look like all the others - but who does?- have two children, a boy and a girl, who definitely come after their mother, but this doesn't seem to bother anyone. A typical family in a typical suburban part of town you might think.
             But let's look further .
             summary of the plot:.
             Ruth's husband Bobbo is a good-looking man working as an accountant. He likes the maternal qualities of Ruth but loves the body of Mary Fisher, who became a successful novelist writing love stories. No doubt that Ruth is trapped in a loveless marriage.
             Her feelings transform her into a she-devil, seeking for revenge. First of all she burns down the house after she has sent the children to Mary Fisher's Tower to spend some time with their father. Now that Ruth is on her own, she can make up her plan to take revenge on the woman who took away the man she once loved. .
             She changes her identity and starts a new life in which she wants to succeed and wants to get the respect she never had before. When Ruth starts working in an old people's home she gets to know Mary Fisher's mother by coincidence. She feigns the incontinence of the old woman and because of the strict rules she has to leave the facility. Ruth suggests to her that she could move to her daughter, who did not care a lot for her in the past. Now with her mother at home there is another person who interferes with the relationship of Mary and Bobbo.
             Ruth's next plan is undertake a plastic surgery to gain the beauty she never had but unfortunately a single one would not be enough. Those beauty surgeries let her look like her worst enemy Mary Fisher which gives her a maximum of self confidence. .
             In the meantime the life of the successful novelist fades to black. She gets cancer and finally dies from it. .
             The story deals with an everyday topic: Women who are cheated on or even left behind by their men in favour of more attractive women.

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