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"Oedipus Rex" as a Reflection of Greek Tragedy and Greek The

            "Oedipus Rex" as a Reflection of Greek Tragedy and Greek Theatre.
             "Oedipus Rex" is an awesome, tremendous and unique creation of Sophocles of .
             Ancient Greece, which is still one of the most valuable tragedies of both modern and .
             ancient times. The sixth to fourth centuries Before Christ are well known as a Golden or .
             Classical Era of Ancient Greece. Greek society had cultural "turnarounds" in the areas of .
             science, literature, art and philosophy. New ideas and new looks were emerging in the .
             society that caused the developing of Greek Theatre and, later, Greek tragedy-the main .
             entertainments of Greeks. "Oedipus Rex" was written by Sophocles soon after 430 B.C. .
             (Sophocles, V), which reflects both Greek Tragedy and Greek Theatre in several ways. .
             "Oedipus Rex" tragically and ironically shows the sufferings of the main .
             character "protagonist" , who is Oedipus in this tragedy. He is a king of the Thebes , who .
             accidentally kills his father Laius and marries his mother Jocasta. His father tries to avoid .
             the danger after being told by the oracle about his fate by letting his son die in a .
             wilderness. But Oedipus occasionally survives, after which king Polybus and Queen .
             Merope of Corinth adopt him. After many years Oedipus himself is told by oracle about .
             his terrible future. He tries to escape from the disaster that waits for him. But no matter .
             how the heroes try to avoid the calamity the result is disastrous and sorrowful: the .
             prophecy is fulfilled. In the end of the tragedy, when the truth was revealed, Oedipus falls .
             into deep pain and despair blaming himself for his misfortune. It is important to notice .
             that protagonist is a major element of Greek Tragedy. .
             In addition, the play begins with the conversation of the priest of Zeus and .
             Oedipus the king. The priest informs Oedipus about the disaster that faces the land and .
             people. Afterwards, Creon tells Oedipus how to solve the problem. Actually, the riddle .

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