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Frivilous Law Suits

             2, in Chapter 10, "Hot Coffee at McDonald's. I will be discussing the impact lawsuits such as this one have on everyday life. Sometimes these cases are just ridiculous and a lot of time and money are wasted putting them through the court system. Sometimes I feel it is wrong to sue a company just for money and possibly fame unless the issue you are suing over will make things better or safer for society. .
             In this particular case, after reading the article, I might agree with the court's decision. Many times when the public hears of a lawsuit that sounds ridiculous we haven't actually heard all the evidence. In this case the book states that the coffee that the 79-year-old woman, Stella Liebeck had purchased was extremely hot. McDonald's stated that it keeps its coffee at 185 degrees, which is much hotter than coffee that is brewed at home. Then there was the problem with Ms. Liebeck getting the lid off the coffee. The coffee was spilled because she put the cup between her legs while driving because she could not get the lid to come off. When the coffee spilled it caused her 3rd degree burns on her thighs and buttocks. She received skin grafting but there are still scars from the incident. Also McDonald's had received approximately 700 complaints over this same situation. This is one of the reasons that the lid was so tight fitting, because they did not want the lid popping off. .
             My Opinion.
             Now that I have read some important facts regarding this case I do not feel that it is quite to silly. But there are other lawsuits that really do not deserve to make it to court. Recently there was a lawsuit filed against several fast food chains stating that their food caused this group of people to have weight problems and other health problems due to the fact their food was full of fat and was not good for you. The lawsuit also stated that the food chains misrepresented the nutritional value of the food it sold.

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