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Reality in Orwell's 1984

             Privacy has all but become a thing of the past. With advancements in surveillance technology, internet "spyware," and dozens of other inventions, the privacy Americans once held dear is becoming less and less abundant. More and more, our society is becoming much like that pictured in George Orwell's novel, 1984. Or so we would think.
             Many human beings live in fear of a hellish, near-apocalyptic world in which an intangible parent figures rules a world composed of drones, all seemingly devoid of free and independent thought. Those that live in fear of this are being sadly misled. They've been told that by supporting a government, or by conforming to anything, they will be paving the way for a totalitarian state run by sadistic fascists. .
             These people can be compared to the famous children's literature protagonist, Chicken Little; a young fowl who was told by a sly fox that the sky was falling, and instantly believed it. These people have been told that by promoting conformity, they are promoting an end to all individuality. Much like Chicken Little, the majority of these people never stop and analyze the facts. It is true that complete and total privacy does not exist in our modern society, but to say that our society is quickly turning into one identical to the nightmare exhibited in 1984 is ludicrous. .
             This paper is an example of how our society is far from that of 1984. Talk radio, editorials, late night television, all of these are perfect examples of how our society is anything but that of 1984. We are allowed to think, speak, and act freely. How many unpersons do you know?.
             While many would argue that pep rallies are nothing but thinly veiled two-minute hates, or that remakes of movies and reprinting of novels are predecessors to the extreme document tampering that took place in 1984 they are once again sadly mistaken. Most act and believe this way out of one simple feeling, boredom.

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