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No Memory Comes

            "He swears things are the same" relate to The boy out of no memory comes and jerra from a collection of stories in minimum of two. Because these two characters find it hard to let go of the past and this quote is significant because one the boy says it to believe nothing has change since he was young and two jerra always likes to think things are the same. I will discuss these two characters struggle to let go of the past and get on with their lives.
             In no memory comes the boy grows up with a very ordinary life doing the same thing over and over. He is left to live with his mum as hid dad stayed in Honk Kong with another lady. The boy becomes good friends with a boy who goes to a catholic school and they share secret stories. One in which the boy results in weeing in the friends fathers golf buggy. The novel then says "he is older now, he knows, but he knows too that he and his friend will never change. This tells us that the boy believes that the future will always remain as the past because he doesn't want to change anymore, he likes things just the way they. Going to school where all he has to do is "say things right and try hard". "And not get caught playing British bulldog".
             Further on in the story the boys says "people should be born old and die young". His view is the past which is your younger years of life are the best, so why not live them before you die. The boy only says this because he soon relises how life changes, as his friend gets a girlfriend and he begins to get excluded from their friendship its after this that the boy says" a year starts to feel like a year". Where as when he was younger he would say " a year no longer feels like a year". This is because he has grown older and relized the change. After a year he cannot go back to the same one again and relive it anymore.
             Compared to the boy Jerra is much more open about talking about the past he cannot focus his life on the future because he brings up to many stories about what it used to be like all the time.

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