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What kind of community has arthur miller set salem?

            English literature coursework .
             In what kind of community does Arthur Miller set Salem?.
             The community is Salem is a theocracy. People in Salem have a very deep feeling for religion. Arthur miller has created Salem as a very strict religious community. The people in Salem likes others to be honest and not deceitful, if they are deceitful then they face punishment which is severe. This community is a tightly knit community.
             The community has a deep belief in witchcraft. It in fact becomes hysterical about witchcraft. If anyone is found doing witchcraft, then they are hanged. Conjuring spells is a serious offence that this community does not allow. Abigail fears that if anyone finds out what happened on the night they were conjuring with Tituba, they will be hanged. The community are aware that there has been some sort of witchcraft going on, in the forest. Abigail is so afraid, that she threatened her friends.
             Let either of you breathe a word, or even the.
             edge of a word, about the other things, and I.
             will come to you in the black of some terrible.
             night and I will bring a pointy reckoning that.
             will shudder you.
             Arthur Miller's community does not except laughter and frivolity dancing or having any sort of fun was strictly forbidden. Abigail and her friends went to the woods at midnight to have fun because the community does not allow any free expression. Arthur miller says in his commentary.
             Their creed forbade anything.
             resembling a theatre or vain.
             This community feels threatened by the surrounding of the red Indians. Outside the community are red Indians who a threat. Arthur miller says in his commentary of the forest.
             It stood, dark and threatening, over.
             their shoulders night and day, for.
             out of it Indians tribes marauded.
             from time to time.
             This community did not allow books other than the bible to be read. Arthur miller tells us in his commentary.
             They had no novelists and.

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