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Sullivan's Travels

             Sturge's views on the value of film clearly transcends into his 1942 film Sullivan's Travels. A film about a filmmaker determined to make a movie that represented the hardships of the time he was living in. Sturge's himself was in the midst of the Great Depression. He feels that comedy is the most valuable genre of film to our society, especially during times of trouble. As the plot unfolds this is exposed but it is apparent even at the beginning when the film opens with the film's dedication saying, "To those who made laughter and lightened the burdens of their times". Here it is clear that he personally feels that comedy is an escape from the worries if the world.
             The movie begins with the successful director, Sullivan, determined to make a film about the issues of WWII. He wanted it to be "an artistic expression". Two men, apparently both friends and fellow movie people in the business with him try to persuade him otherwise. They say that the people want the usual comedies that he writes, "with a little sex". They are more concerned with how much money they make than the artistic expression Sullivan wishes to convey. They then point out that Sullivan has never been poor. How can he write about what he doesn't know? Sullivan did not let that foil his plan. Instead, against the other's initial plan, Sullivan goes on a journey to see what it's like to be poor, by dressing in rags with only 10 cents in his pocket. .
             When he meets the girl in the diner she expresses her view on films. She says she would rather watch a comedy even in times of trouble. She goes on the journey with him and soon the plot unfolds. He ends up arrested and sentenced to labor. It is here that Sturge's feelings on film are conveyed most strongly. .

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