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Knowledge brings Sorrow

            Knowledge often brings with it sorrow. But the end rewards are certainly worth it I would think. The expression that wisdom causes grief and knowledge causes sorrow seems to be true. The quote stating that an increase of knowledge also brings forth sorrow is exact.
             The impossibility of a comprehensive knowledge must not blind us to the benefits of true wisdom. Any sluggishness in our pursuit of it should be thrown off by a glance at the rewards to be gained. Wisdom has indeed its dark side in a world in bondage to corruption inhabited by fallen sinners under the judgment of God. "For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increased knowledge increased sorrow." Greater acquaintance with reality cannot leave the heart untouched but this inevitable shadow must not obscure the Light by which it is produced. .
             Wisdom is an invaluable treasure providing the hedge against the "chill winds of reality." In every life situation it will prove adequate and its vaults will never be exhausted. Wisdom is synonymous with possession of life and preparation for life. Throughout his days not only is the wise man prepared for the avoidance of evil, he is also equipped for the performance of good. He does not fall headlong in the pitfalls of life. He is not one of the many wrecks along life's way. He does not have a head stuffed with useless facts but in his diversified life experiences he has the ability to apply his knowledge to the best advantage. He is equipped to choose the way that will promote the highest good. Nothing could be more precious to that man who would take up his cross daily and follow Christ in the way of obedience to his heavenly Father. He will be personally blessed and will be a blessing to others. In this life he will be a burning and shining light to God's glory and in the next life he will behold His glory for evermore.

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