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Social Historical Context Notes On Dylan Thomas.

             Dylan Thomas was born in 1914, at the start of the 1st world war. From an early age Dylan would have seen women working, and would have been used to most men being away at war. The war would have affected many, and could explain why Dylan had a hate for conflict and could also explain why later his poems were so dark. .
             By the end of the 1st world war Dylan's father, (who was a English teacher) had influenced Dylan a great deal. He himself has wanted to be a writer, and failed to achieve his dream. Although this can't be sure it is probably due to this that Dylan was pushed so much as a child. .
             Dylan's father read poetry to him from an early age, which would have influenced his love for words. By the age of six Dylan's progress was far greater than most his age. Not only were his parents reading him poetry, but he himself had also started to read Shakespeare's work. - Already it is clear that Dylan had such a strong passion for poetry from such a young age. .
             At eight years old Dylan had started to write his own poetry, creating an imaginary world through words. .
             In 1925 Dylan entered Swansea Grammar School, where his was teaching. (If school these days are anything to go by then it would have been more that likely that Dylan would have got bullied for being cleverer than the rest. This may well have helped Dylan in the long run, as it would have probably toughened him up and would have also played a big part in his writing.) .
             Dylan's first poem was published in the school magazine, which 2years later he went on to edit. In 1927 another of Dylan's poems was published in the Weston mail, however it was later found to have been copied by a lady who had written it four years before Dylan's birth. This shows just how determined Dylan was to succeed and to be recognised. .
             Trying to push himself and demonstrate his unique talents to others, Dylan, at the age of 15 involved himself in amateur dramatics and the school debating team.

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