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History of toys and games

            Toys and games have been an enormous part of children's lives since the early stages of.
             "Their existence is not uncommon in Archeological digs", says Joseph Schroeder.
             Games and toys have two common meanings. One is it provides a form of entertainment, and the.
             other is that it introduces the child to the possibilities and the realities of the world. Many of the.
             toys made long ago were homemade. The child created his or her own playthings using his or.
             her imagination. Some of the objects they used to make their own games were sticks, pebbles,.
             and ideas from their elders.
             In the United States most all early toy making was done out of wood. Some toys made out.
             of wood were sleds, wagons, etc. In the 1860's, commercially manufactured indoor toys began.
             to be widely presented in this country. The largest distributor of toys was F.A.O Schwarz in New.
             York City and possibly still is to this day. Catalogues were a big advancement in the selling of.
             toys. One of the biggest "wholesale only" outlets was Butler Brothers who put a big portion of.
             toys in their monthly magazine Our Drummer.
             Some of the oldest games include Chess, a popular game played even today. The game.
             originated from India and had its beginnings nearly 1400 years ago. Checkers is also one of the.
             oldest games. One of the earliest forms of the checker board was found in a Egyptian temple,.
             carved on its wall, to prove its creation back in Egyptian times to at least 600 B.C. The Oldest.
             Game believed to be created was the game called Mancala. Mancala could easily be played.
             using only small rocks or seeds and small holes. People think it dates back to to 1400 B.C.
             As toys and games evolve, there are beginning to be more and more inventors with some.
             famous ones including Parker Brothers who have invented several board games including.
             Monopoly, Risk, Sorry, and Clue. Another famous inventor was Walt Disney. He was a genius.
             for popular entertainment and opened his own animation studio.

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