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Write an autobiographical account of your Work Experience.

             On the 7th July last year all the year 10 students embarked upon work experience for two school weeks. My work experience placement was with my Dad. He owns a business called "Richleigh Leisure" that supplies jukeboxes, pool tables and s.w.p's to public houses, chip shops, cafes etc. I was looking forward to time off school and I was also looking forward to doing my work experience as I have worked for my Dad before.
             The night before my work experience began I slept normally like any other night. The only thing I wasn't looking forward to was waking up at 8.30. On the first morning of my work experience I was feeling really tired as I hadn't woken up properly. My dad told me to go to bed early the night before as it would be difficult to get up that early. The weather was sunny that day. This reflected my mood well because I was happy.
             Travelling to work was easy for me as my Dad picked me up from my house. On the first day of travelling to work my Dad had a puncture so we had to wait two hours for the repairman to get there. I only had one problem during the week in getting to work, my Dad's car wouldn't start so I had to get the bus into his workshop in Cardiff. This was difficult because I didn't know which bus to catch.
             When I walked through the door for the very first time it was just like any other day for me. The first thing my Dad said to me was "Time to work" I had to clean the jukeboxes in the workshop. The only work mates I worked with was my Dad. He was nice to me but he was also quite bossy.
             I think my first week went very well as I did everything I was told to do. One of the things that happened I will remember for the rest of my life. I was helping my dad build a garage out his back garden. We were mixing and laying cement and my Dad fell backwards into it. I then had to spray him with the hose to wash it off. A difficult thing that happened while I was working was when I had to replace all the broken bulbs in a jukebox.

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