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American History X- review paper

             American History X.
             "American History X" is a film that describes a great deal of racism and it also shows how easily mistaken people in society are. Throughout the film it showed how others influenced others, not only to be angry but to act upon their beliefs. Also, you can see how people change when being taught how.
             Derrick Vinyard is one of the many people that was convinced that anyone outside of there race was not welcome. "Not welcome" meaning, not associating with his kind. He's a very respected person to the people who believe the same things he does. His followers did what he wanted by acting on their feelings. At one point they destroyed a store that was once owned by a man that was white, but now that it was owned by someone outside of their race, and hired people for less pay, they were outraged. The hate kept spreading to more and more people. Causing a "war.".
             When Derrick committed his crime against three black men, he was sent to prison where he would learn more of the truth. When he was younger, his father influenced his racism, so he believed in it completely after he was killed by a black man. This made it very hard for him to understand that this may be wrong. When he was in prison he thought he should stick to "his people," and that is what he did. When he saw his people communicating with other people, he thought it was wrong. So he left them. And they betrayed him. To Derrick this confused him because all of his beliefs were not adding up. The way he was running his life was not making sense any more.
             Cameron is the leader of the "white power" movement in their area. And he was the one who convinced Derrick to do all of the things he did, but he never risked himself, it was always everyone else. Derrick's brother Danny got caught up in this whole mess of a group when Derrick was in prison.

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