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The Adventures of Beowulf

            The adventures of Beowulf, episode 5.
             After the death of Grendel the Danes believed that the mighty hero Beowulf should be king of a neighboring kingdom. A savage tyrant ruled the kingdom next to Herot. The tyrant was none other than Hrothgar's brother Heorogar. Heorogar was jealous of his brother for having such a vast empire and beautiful mead hall. So with the tyranny in mind Hrothgar summons Beowulf for a new quest to take over the neighboring kingdom and bring peace back to the land.
             With the treasure of becoming a king Beowulf gathers a hundred soldiers to form an army to take over a kingdom. Beowulf teaches his warriors combat skills and battle tactics. As his army took form and began to march on the kingdom townsfolk gathered to cheer them on to victory and prosperity. After ten days of marching the army approached the kingdom gates at night. As the guards watched the warrior's torches approach they quickly informed the king of the situation. .
             As the king heard of the news he gathered his thirty royal guards to defend the palace from the invading army. Beowulf leaded his men through the kingdom gates and on through the small city to the outer wall of the palace. When they reached the outer wall Heorogar commanded his archers to take fire on Beowulf and his army. As the arrows flew through the air Beowulf used his mighty strength to force the palace gates open. As the warriors rushed inside the king's royal guards greeted them. Clearly outnumbered and less skilled the warriors trampled through the royal guards one by one until Beowulf stood in the main entrance to the palace. Beowulf quickly left his army and went to find the cowardly tyrant, who was hiding in his main living quarters of the palace. .
             The adventures of Beowulf, episode 6.
             As Beowulf walked into the kings chamber he looked at all the gold and treasures the king had been hording while his people starved.

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