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Hardships of Middle Class During Depression

            The hardships of middle class, rural, and children were very similar in the 1930's. All of these people had problems with finding ways to make money, keeping the homes, and supporting their family. During this time, the families often wrote to their president, Franklin Delenore Roosevelt, for help during that time of struggle. People from the middle class mostly requested clothes and money for their houses and bills, and some asked for jobs. They didn't ask for food a lot because most of them were better off then some families and could afford some food. People from rural areas however, asked for everything, food, clothes, money, and more work. A lot of these families lived in the west and couldn't grow their own food, which most people got their money from, due to the dust storms. Even some children wrote to the president requesting items that they would've probably gotten for Christmas or a birthday if their parents were better off and they even asked for money for them to go to school. Some of the children even wrote in behalf of their parents asking for jobs or some money to pay off bills so that the family could buy clothes. However, some parents used their children expected Roosevelt to feel more sympathetic because their children didn't have the education to write a letter to him properly. I think that out of the five groups the middle class was the best off due to them already having money and clothes to support their family before the depression. The worst off would have been the black of the time, because they had already had practically nothing before the depression and when things got worse then they had absolutely nothing. Though the groups were all different in their own ways, the depression had pretty much the same effect on every family in the United States, and made every family think about what they did with the money and items that they had for the rest of their lives.

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