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            Ferdinand Magellan was born about 1480 at Saborosa in Villa Real, Province of Traz os Montes, Portugal. He was the son of Pedro Ruy de Magalhaes. He was brought up at the Court of Portugal and learned astronomy and nautical sciences under the care of good teachers. In 1505, he took in part in the expedition of Franciso d" Almeida, in purpose to establish a Portugese authority in India. In 1511 he performed important services in the Portuguese conquest of Malacca. He returned home in 1512 and took part in the Portugese expedition to Morocco, that's were he was severely wounded. On a personal disagreement with the commander, he left the army. He then devoted himself to the studies and projects of voyages of the Moluccas. He resolved to seek the Moluccas by sailing to the east of Malacca. Ferdinand realized that his plans would not be recognized by the Portuguese, so he offered his services to Spain. On August 10, 1519, Magellan set sail on the Atlantic Ocean with 5 ships and a Spanish crew of 277 men. Magellan's fleet moved down the Coast South America, in search of a passage that whould take him through America. Finally, in October 1520, Magellan found an opening in the land. He passed through the narrow waterway and emerged into an unknown ocean that he called the Pacific Sea. He then thought it would be a short distance to the east, which was very false. At last they reached the Philippines, where Magellan was killed by the natives. He had been the first person to undertake the circumnavigation of the world, thus he had completed one of the most difficult feats that had been seen to that date. Magellan's discovery proved that the world was round and the first true idea of the distribution of land and water.

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