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Salvador Dali

             I chose the picture called "The Hallucinogenic Toreador". It is the most interesting piece of art work I have seen. I visited the Salvador Dali Museum in northern Florida during a middle school field trip. Out of all the museums I went to on my middle school art field trip I only liked the Salvador Dali Museum and have the fondest memory of only his museum. His surreal art work just stands out in my mind. It was made between the years of 1969 and 1970. .
             There are multiple reasons as to why I chose this piece of art work. First, I like this painting because I like the use of variety in colors in the art work. In addition, I like how there are a few pictures within the picture itself. There is more than just one certain thing going on in the picture. The viewer can see different images throughout the painting while looking at the piece of art work from different perspectives. It looks like the lady in the picture is moving as the shadow becomes darker and the figure size increases. .
             There also is a persons head in the top right corner and just below it there is a shadow of a head. The best part of this piece of art work though is the person which appears in the picture. The white skirt of the lady becomes the shirt of the upper body of the person. The green skirt serves as the necktie. If you look at white skirt the lady's abdomen becomes the chin, then the nose appears which then makes the whole picture at large. Also in the background at the very top of the page is the wall of the coliseum. The little boy in the bottom right of the picture is said to be Salvador Dali himself. Salvador Dali explored his dreams in his art work. He was very creative in his pieces of art. .
             In the beginning of the semester when my teacher said we had to pick a piece of art work that we would have to write about, either because we liked it or because we hated it. I knew from the moment my teacher brought up the topic I had in mind that I was going to write my letter about "The Hallucinogenic Toreador" by Salvador Dali.

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