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            In the novel, Holes, by Louis Sachaar, Stanley Yelnats, the novel's protangonist is unfairly punished for another's crime and sent to Camp Green Lake. The summer camp is not a fun place to be as Stanley learns, but a place of drugery and heat.
             Stanley, like his new found friends, has to dig holes ever day as a punishment for their crimes. The Warden is looking for a treasure and the boys are unaware of this until they find a few objects in one of their holes. Kissing Kate Barlow's lipstick holder was found and for finding the treasure, one of the kids got to have a day off for rest. .
             One of Stanley's best friends is nicknamed Zero, because he can't read and isn't very smart. Zero gets sick of digging holes and runs away on a very hot desert day without water. Stanley runs after him. The Warden destroys Zero's file since Zero is a ward of the state and she figures no one will come looking after him. (She couldn't care less if Zero dies of heat stroke.) Stanley eventually finds Zero near exhaustion and hungry and the two friends climb the hill to forage for water and shade. They find some onions to eat and in digging for water discover the hidden treasure of Stanley's great grandmother.
             Although they almost died from the lizzards, the boys were recued, they got to keep the treasure and the camp was permanently shut down with the Warden busted. All in all, it was a great story about loyalty and trust.

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