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            D-Day is told in many different stories by many different people. D-Day was a battle in World War Two. Due to good planning and a lot of teamwork, D-Day was successful. It was an important victory for the Allie's. Many people died that day on June 6, 1944. There was about 3 million soldiers involved in the invasion of Europe. Now days there are survivors but only a few.
             Back in the late 1930's WWII started. The United States was a neutral country. The United States was neutral because they were in a depression and still recovering money from the first World War. They started sending supplies to Great Britain. Even though the United States were neutral, war was coming and no one could stop it. The United States would only remain neutral for about 2 years after Germany invaded Poland. .
             On December 7, 1941 the Japanese bombed the American Naval base in Pearl Harbor. After that President Roosevelt asked the Congress to declare war on Japan. Two days later Germany and Italy declared war on the United States of America. The Americans were no longer neutral, they were a part of this war.
             Soon after the Americans joined the Allies in World War Two President Roosevelt meet with his chiefs of staff and they decided they would attack Germany before they would go after Japan. The Allies thought that Germany posed a much bigger threat on the Allies than Japan. The Japanese would also be weak without the help of the Nazi's.
             The decision of attacking Germany was made at the Eureka Conference. At the conference FDR and the Prime Minister of England decided they would invade Europe across the English Channel. The British were a little hesitant at first on making the decision for invading. Their Target was France. The Americans would invade Utah and Omaha Beach, the British would invade Gold and Sword Beach, and the Canadians would invade Juno Beach. Stalin, the leader of the Russia agreed to attack Germany at the same time Britain, American, and Canada invaded France.

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