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Ordinary people

            Courage is being able to stand up to others and even your self, not to be scared how of you feel. Courage is something that has to be acquired and although it may be difficult at times in the long run, you become a better and happier person because you are able to take control. In the novel Ordinary People, by Judith Guest, she uses the theme courage and lack of it continuously to show how the characters are unable to achieve greatness because of it. Although courage can be harmful, it is mostly a character trait that is helpful and helps build personality. Conrad Jarret gains courage along his journey and he is able to live with himself and his feelings and he learns a lot about himself and others. .
             Most people who commit suicide try it again, and Conrad has to live everyday with the pressure of not attempting to kill himself again. Conrad has courage because he is able to live with the pain and the guilt of feeling he killed his perfect brother, Buck. Conrad felt like Buck was the favorite son and he did not feel loved by his mother, and at times hated; this made Conrad angry with his mother. Beth never visited Conrad while he was in the hospital and even after she was unable to forgive him for hurting her. Conrad attempted suicide in her pure, white bathroom to hurt her, to make her feel the pain that he endured. Conrad ruined his mother's attempt to portray a perfect life and house by staining her bathroom with his blood. Conrad and his mother do not have a connection with one another and are unable to communicate with each other; the extent of their conversions are about Conrad cleaning his room. Beth has no role in Conrad's life and she is far from being a mother figure. She has little interest in Connie's therapy or his feelings unlike Calvin who is always intensively listening to Conrad and asking him how he feels. Beth cannot open up to Conrad and love him the way she should during his time of need and support of his family, because she is still upset over Buck's death and her heart is not big enough to let Conrad in.

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