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Vietnam Thought

             After seeingRegret to Inform? I found it amazing that even after the widows and girlfriends had completely created a new life and were living with new people they still paid tribute to the lost soldiers that they once loved. It was as if the were connected to the past and trying to get free was too painful. The men were lucky to have such a strong connection to home through there women and that the women would fight through hell with them.
             I likedRegret to Inform? because Not only learning about the women and people at home I learned a lot about Vietnam. From the movie I learned about the emotions that America was feeling and how the American government was reacting to the situation. America was not used to holding an area and training demoralized militia that South Vietnam was giving. Our troops were outnumbered and in foreign lands where children were used and sacrificed as weapons America had not experienced this and it was killing us. We couldn't tell Viet Cong and North Vietnamese from our apprenticing South Vietnamese. Pop cans were turned into bombs and the greedy merchants that lived for money were not only selling our troops faulty and inferior goods there were stealing our information to help the Viet Cong at the expense of money. From this movie I learned a little more about the South Vietnamese and how there would loot the corpses of fallen friends and comrades and how the willingness to fight came from forced intervention of the U.S. and the poverty blight that was flooding the lands of Vietnam. The Chinese were supplying the North with ammo and weapons for the already abundant men well the south had only the ignorant American shoulder to lean on. I don't thin that I have ever seen the lands of Vietnam beforeRegret to Inform? And to imagine what it was like is almost impossible. The small clip of film was very powerful and gave a better sense of what he was feeling.
             I think to an extent the film would be healing after these short years because the film shows both cultures interacting positively and they are open to each other.

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