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Mice and Men: What happens next?

             The sun crawled its way back over the ranch, where George had been sitti" peacefully for the last 6 hours. Three pairs of geese were dancing across the sky, in the early dawn, except for one straggler at the back. He struggled to keep up with the others and was getting further and further behind his companions. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn't keep up until, bang! The goose went into a nose dive had didn't come back up again. A lonely Curley ambled across the courtyard with his shotgun in one hand until he looked up at George.
             "Useless ain't they, the weak don't have chance of surviving but still eat and drink the stronger man's food. Preventing others from having a chance to live by having the support of others. That's why there are people like me around, I let the able survive and destroy the unable.".
             George wasn't in the mood for an argument and backed slowly away from Curley without making eye contact. George went and washed his face in the bucket, which was full of cold water. As he backed back he saw Lenny's face appear in the ripples, he smiled and looked again but it was gone. .
             As the night approached, George sat in seclusion in the corner while Slim, Carlson and Curley played cards. The mood was merry until Carlson said .
             "Hey George, y"know my Luger, well did you see the hole that was left in Lenny's head. Well if it makes you feel better that poor bastard wouldn't have felt a thing because it was the size of Candy's dog.".
             "Hey Carlson why don't you shut the hell up, Lenny was George's buddy. Yeah Lenny killed Curley's wife but he wasn't an animal the fella had feelings." Slim replied to Carlson who appeared shocked with Slim's remarks. Slim stood up and said "did you hear that." The room fell silent, the floorboards outside the bunkhouse creaked and the room had an eerie silence about it. George stood up, like he was in the army, as the atmosphere got dead silent. The floorboards creaked again but this time the sound of footsteps was also heard.

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