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An Analysis of A Good Man is Hard to Find

             The classic idea of good versus evil has been an issue of debate since the beginning of mankind. A Good Man Is Hard to Find is a story that deals directly with that age-old conflict. Flannery O"Connor uses the phrase "a good man is hard to find" to help define her view of the decline of goodness in the old southern culture. She also uses this phrase to open up the debate to include Christianity and religions over all effect on the subject, as well as to probe into and question what really defines someone as being "a good man". Goodness and religion are two ideals that are all too often mixed up with one another. Its is not always the case that piety and manors equates directly into goodness.
             A Good Man Is Hard to Find is a third person narrative told from the point of view of the Grandmother. The story begins as the Grandmother, her son Bailey and his wife and two kids embark on a road trip back to the Grandmothers home in Tennessee. Things don't go quite as planned however, when the family has a car accident and ends up fact to face with the an escaped convict known simply as The Misfit.
             Throughout this story there are many small examples used to help show the difference between the past thoughts and traditions and those of the present. The comparison between the mother and the grandmothers" attire prior to the car ride is a prime example of that. "In case of an accident, everyone seeing her dead on the highway would know at once that she was a lady" This is the type of thing that was important in the days of the proper deep south which almost survived just on its manners alone. In the beginning of the story, the grandmother is also constantly correcting the children for their behavior. That type of behavior is something that would not have been tolerated when she was growing up. "In my time children were more respectful of their native states and their parents and everything else.

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