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Like Water For Chocolate

             The story Like Water for Chocolate written by Laura Esquivel is a metaphor for .
             For the story, it would be anger or heat given off by the .
             characters that are madly in love. Tita is the character, whose fate is to serve her mother .
             to the end of her days, since she is the youngest, this makes her furious. Therefore she .
             cannot marry and this does not root well for Tita or the De La Garza Family. Tita falls .
             madly in love with Pedro Muzquiz but Mama Elena forbids Tita and Pedro to marry. The .
             only thing that Pedro can do is to marry her sister, Rosaura, who is one year older. This .
             way Pedro will be close to her by marrying into the family. Tita cannot believe it because .
             the power of Mama Elena is out of hand. Still the bond between Tita and Pedro does not.
             break and she finds other ways to be near Pedro and be happy by cooking. The twist is .
             that her foods are not just delicious but mind openers for emotional outbreaks. Things .
             that are in the book that make it hilarious and the reader wonders if these things could .
             ever be done. It is called Magic Realism. Without this, the reader might not even be .
             exited by how truthful the book really is.
             Tita is so shocked to find that her sister will be getting married to Pedro that her .
             body becomes cold and frigid. "She realized that the hollow sensation was not hunger but.
             an icy feeling of grief" (19). The only thing she could do is to bury herself in clothes to.
             warm herself up. "First she put on a wool robe and a heavy cloak. The cold still gripped .
             her. Then she put on felt slippers and another two shawls. No good. Finally she went to .
             her sewing box and pulled out the bedspread she had started the day Pedro first spoke of .
             marriage. It didn't help at all" (19). After putting clothe item after clothe item any normal .
             person would be as hot as an oven but not Tita.
             Titas "know how" at cooking came because of a very strange experiment. Since .
             she was making the cake for the wedding, her tears went into the mixture.

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