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Bartleby and Office Space

             To compare the works of Office Space and Bartleby you find major parallels and similarities. Usually taking a work from a whole different time period and comparing it to a new one you would get similarities but not in a completely same way. Never less though, these two were alike in many ways.
             To begin with, the settings of the two are exactly the same. There's one being set in an older office at the start of the industrial age, and the other being set in office during the compelling office job days. Also in the Beginning of Bartleby, the narrator who is also the lawyer in the book starts off by introducing you to the characters so you get a taste of the characters and what to expect in the book. Mirror that to Office Space and you get the same concept. You get to see most of the main characters right off the start and you are able to see what they are all about. The one thing the viewers can really notice is how the working atmospheres are really similar. They both have more or less a tedious feeling, and are occupied by employees who seem to repeat the same work over and over. .
             The next comparison point focuses on two main characters themselves. Bartleby and Peter are considerably similar in many ways. To begin with, both of these characters off the start do decent work and seem to show themselves as fairly hard office workers. As the movie Office Space goes on you can tell that Peter begins to realize how his job is doing nothing for him. Then he starts to skip out on work and starts thinking where his job is going to lead him and he wants his life to be liberated. Now swing back to Bartleby and you can see the parallel between these two characters. When you watch Bartleby he also starts skipping out on doing his work and soon enough he just doesn't have a care in the world. He to is most likely disappointed with his life and career and wonders where he is being led. In Office Space you can see Peter make the decision about not wanted to put work effort in anymore.

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