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Growth Hormones in Beef Steers

             Yum, your just about to bite down into the biggest juiciest piece of steak, your mouth is watering and you have been looking forward to this awesome dinner all day long But then suddenly you see the package label and it says "Organic beef", is that a good thing or a bad thing could you get sick or just seem normal? Organic what is that suppose to mean does it really make a difference and how can one tell? What is the difference between normal beef and organic beef, can hormones or any other growth promoter that is put into this meat affect or hurt the consumer in any way? Look up the research and knowing the difference between natural beef and organic beef could mean your health. When a beef steer is injected with anything we the consumers should know what it is and what affects it might cause to us. We should understand that our health is at risk and that we need to watch what we eat because we may just get the wrong end of the deal with meat that has been tampered with in some way. Hormones and growth promoters are fed or injected into beef steers to enhance the growth of the steer to make more meat. When a cow is fed certain feeds it grows quicker and gains more muscle and that is just a couple of reasons why ranchers use these promoters. Just because it makes the steer grow faster and gain weight quicker doesn't make it healthy. Hormones and other growth promoters that are being injected and feed to beef steers contribute to the meat quality and quantity, which could have affects on our health in many different ways.
             Many hormones and antibiotics are being injected or fed by ranchers daily to improve meat quality and quantity. These hormones help the steer grow in many cases and produce finer tasting meat that can be consumed by us but do the hormones really contribute all that much? "An implanted steer still gains weight and grows about 25% slower than a bull because the implanted steer has less than 1% as much natural male hormone levels.

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