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Farm Team By Will Weaver

             The book Farm Team by Will Weaver is one of the better books I have been able to read this past year. The setting is revealed as the book begins. It takes place the first day of the 1971 baseball season at Flint Middle School, here, Billy Baggs shows up for his second year of baseball. After pitching a perfect game in Weavers" last book called striking out, the coach who watched him throw it was impressed enough to want him as a pitcher for a full season. All this happens through the eyes of Abner, Billy's father, to not play baseball because of his perceived lack of purpose the sport has to his family. This causes Abner to tell his son Billy to give up baseball and continue to work on the farm.
             The protagonist in this story would have to be Billy Baggs. Baggs is a character that one could determine to be a hard working farm kid maximizes his opportunities. When his father said he couldn't play and to stay home and work on the farm. He tried to make the most of his situation. With a little help from his mother, he was able to post signs inviting kids to play at a diamond he creates at his farm. He never excludes anyone and always keeps an open mind. Add to this he rises out of adversity time after time, you will read the reason for that later. .
             There are a few antagonists in this story. King Kingwood, the star pitcher from the High School Billy can't play at. Kingwood is an arrogant, self-serving person who only cares about him rather than the team he plays for. He criticizes Billy, and his collection of no-name baseball talents he assembles at his farm field. Also Coach Anderson, who Billy left out in the cold to put it in harsh terms, is very stubborn and tries to hold him back once he learns of the team he made. Against my personal will, I will list Billy Baggs" father because even though they were blood related, and had a good relationship. Abner Baggs was thrown in jail for leveling a car dealership after being sold a lemon.

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