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Religions Comparison (Buddhism, Judaism, Egyptians, Greeks)

             The religions of Buddhism, Judaism, the Egyptians, and the Greeks vary in several different ways. However, they are also alike in numerous ways. The unique distinctions of these religions made them some of the most prominent and well-known religions of the world.
             The religion of Buddhism believes that the "Buddha" is a divine savior. The Buddha believed that to end suffering one must follow the Four Noble Truths. A part of the Four Noble Truths is following the Eightfold Path; a series of eight rules one must pursue to attain Nirvana, or being "one with the universe." Buddhists also believe in reincarnation.
             The religion of Judaism believes in monotheism. They believe that God created the Earth in seven days. Judaism is a moral religion, which believes in sin, heaven, and hell. Like Buddhism, Judaism has a set of rules. They are the Ten Commandments, which were given to Moses from God. Unlike Buddhism however, Jewish people do not believe in reincarnation.
             The Egyptians, unlike the Jews, believed in polytheism, or belief in more than one god. The Egyptians believed strongly in the afterlife. They thought the afterlife was a journey across the Nile. Unlike the Greeks, however, they could not see any of their gods.
             The Greeks believed in polytheism also. They believed that Gaea, was "Mother Earth," and Uranus was the "Sky." Together they had six Titans and six Titanesses, as well as three Cyclops and three sons with 50 heads and 100 arms. This was the start of creation. The Greek religion had no moral rules, and no heaven or hell. They didn't expect to be saved from sin. They believed that the gods and goddesses lived on Mount Olympus. .
             These four religions are greatly alike in some ways, and yet drastically different in others. The differences and likenesses of them make them some of the most interesting religions today.

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