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Everyday Use

             The use of variety of customs in a text can broaden its horizons. Alice Walker has made her work even more interesting with this use of cultural versatility. In the story "Everyday Use" by author Alice Walker there are many uses of culture. The cultural application in this short story is not just from the time it is written, but even a century before that. .
             In the beginning of the piece, the narrator describes her time period. "Sometimes I dream a dream in which Dee and I are suddenly brought together on a TV program of this sort. Out of a dark and soft-seated limousine I am ushered into a bright room filled with many people. There I meet a smiling, gray, sporty man like Johnny Carson who shakes my hand and tells me what a fine girl I have," (Walker 635). This is an example of utilization of modern culture to bond.
             After that, the narrator reminisces about her youth. "I never had an education myself. After second grade the school was closed down. Don't ask why: in 1927 colored asked fewer questions than they do now," (Walker 637). The flashback that the narrator has shows how her childhood was disrupted by the segregated mass of the United States of America.
             A variety of culture is also used when the narrator's daughter, Dee (Wangero), comes home. "Wa-su-zo-Tean-o," and, "Asalamalakim," (Walker 638) are greetings in Swahili and Arabic. This transition in culture shows Dee's process of assimilation. This effect of Wangero is from the cause of meeting Hakim-a-barber. .
             Wangero asks her mother for two quilts that her grandmother had hand stitched from old clothing and Civil War uniforms. "Maggie can't appreciate these quilts they"re priceless!" (Walker 640). The quilts that Wangero wanted were to be given to Wangero's sister Maggie. Wangero felt that Maggie would not appreciate the quilts. She also felt they should be hanged around the house. .
             All in all, this piece of Alice Walker values cultural traditions from many different backgrounds.

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