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A Man for All Seasons - Letter from Sir Thomas More

             This is the most difficult letter that I have ever had to write. You are my King, you are my sovereign you are my Lord but as you know I am a simple man, a man of truth and a man of honour. Even though it hurts me not to give you my oath it is the only path open to me. I really do not have any other choice. You counted on me , trusted in me and also believed in me. Now it was my turn to make you proud of me and I let you down, in some ways I feel like I am betraying you. The act of supremacy may seem a great idea but subconsciously it is against my principles I do not mean to disrespect you in any kind of way this is just the way I feel.
             You do know that I respect you and honour you but I can't agree with your beliefs. How can we think of asking the Pope to dispense his dispensation? I understand your need for a son, a heir to the throne and I also know that Wolsey and Cromwell want me to agree with your ideas. I recognise that for political reasons it is your obligation although I cannot agree to something that I do not believe is right. Please understand my dilemma, the last thing I would want to do is hurt you and disappoint you. I don't want to risk our friendship and above all I do not want to cause England any problems.
             Please forgive me, I"m in an impossible position. I have offered you my arm, I would offer you my life, but I cannot offer you my conscience. It is not within my power to dispute with the Pope.
             If I give you this oath I will be betraying myself and If I don't give it I will be committing treason. I have no other choice but to resign to my position. .
             May God be with you. Your devoted servant.
             Sir Thomas Moore .

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