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A Comparison between Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Pre

            Comparison Between "Pride And Prejudice" .
             "Pride and Prejudice" and "Sense and Sensibility" is a keen observation of social class and customs. In this various issues stemming from economic instability are brought to the surface.
             Novels by Jane Austen revolve around the typical issues of marriage, love and the disillusionment that prevails over the broken hearted ones. In nineteenth century marriage for women was considered the only escape from depressing spinsterhood. Hence, by focusing on matrimony, she brings out the social customs of her age.
             The main theme is highlighted in the very titles of these novels. Whether two different personality traits such as "Pride and Prejudice" or contradictory words like "Sense and Sensibility" are used, the emphasis is to familiarize the reader about the disclosure following. A preconceived notion once developed by the reader makes the entire novel easy to comprehend.
             The two novels are a clear manifestation of the nineteenth century environment. Walks, parties, filagree and balls are the main focus of people's lives. All the attention is given to such occasions and it is during these moments that many of the turning points are felt in the novels. Making and breaking of relations or a disclosure of great magnitude would inevitably be a part of such an occasion. The elites gather on such occasions not merely to enjoy but to update themselves with the latest gossip and on goings. Young and pretty females and their attitudes towards the most eligible bachelors are an interesting feature of Austen's novels. Young ladies making their first trip to any ball were sited with much anxiety and usually had many preconceived notions developed in the society by the older females. Much apprehension is added each time this event occurs and the tension of the event is felt by the reader. Jealousy and romance goes side by side in any situation. The life pattern of the majority was the same.

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