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Shakesphere When He Was Young

            Until 1598 Shakespeare's theater work was done done in the district northeast of.
             This was outside the city walls, in the parish of Shoreditch. Located there were two.
             playhouses, the Theatre and the Curtain. Both were managed by James Burbage, whose.
             son Richard Burbage was Shakespeare's friend and the greatest tragic actor of his day.
             Up to 1596 Shakespeare lived near these theaters in Bishopsgate, where the North Road.
             entered the city. Sometime between 1596 and 1599, he moved across the Thames River to.
             a district called Bankside. There, two theaters, the Rose and the Swan, had been built by.
             Philip Henslowe. He was James Burbage's chief competitor in London as a theater.
             manager. The Burbages also moved to this district in 1598 and built the famous Globe.
             Theatre. It's sign showed Atlas supporting the world. Shakespeare was associated with.
             the Globe Theatre for the rest of his active life. He owned shares in it, which brought him.
             much money. Meanwhile, in 1597, Shakespeare had bought New Place, the largest house.
             in Stratford. During the next three years he bought other property in Stratford and in.
             London. The year before, his father, probably at Shakespeare's suggestion, applied for.
             and was granted a coat of arms. Shakespeare's name first appeared on the title pages of.
             his printed plays in 1598. In the same year Francis Meres, in 'Palladis Tamia: Wit's.
             Treasury', praised him as a poet anddramatist. Meres's comments on 12 of Shakespeare's.
             plays showed that Shakespeare's.
             genius was recognized in his own time. Honored as playwrite adn poet.
             Queen Elizabeth I died in 1603. King James I followed her to the throne. Shakespeare's.
             theatrical company was taken under the king's patronage and called the King's Company.
             Shakespeare and the other actors were made officers of the royal household. The.
             theatrical company was the most successful of its time. Before it was the King's.
             Company, it had been known as the Earl of Derby's and the Lord Chamberlain's.

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