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The Craft Of Songwriting

             There are many skills that people have and use in their everyday lives. Some of these skills are aquired through study and practice, such as driving a car or speaking a new language. Some other skills, people are born with. Many skills, however, are a combination of the two. One of the most important skills I use in my life was acquired though both practice and through genetics. This skill is songwriting. .
             Many people, when listening to music, do not stop to think about what exactly goes into writing a song. There are many things one must consider. Who is my audience? What purpose will this song serve? Am I writing within my limits? Why am I writing this song? These are just a few of many things I ask myself when I am trying to put together a piece of music. In this essay, I hope to show, step by step, the process that I go through when writing a song. .
             The first thing I ask myself when I sit down to write a song is, "Who is my audience?" I have many different styles with which I write a song. If I am writing a song to convey a personal message to someone, for example, a love song to a girl, I will write in a different style than I would if I am writing a song to make people move around and get excited at a show. In many clubs where I play, kids come to the shows to have a fun time dancing and singing along with other kids. However, other venues where I play are places like coffee shops where people want to just sit back and enjoy the music. If I am writing a song for such a place, I will write in a more slow and laid-back style.
             Another question I must ask myself when writing a song is, "What is this song's purpose?" The song's intended purpose will not only help in dictating the style with which I play, but also the song's instrumentation and the vocal style. For instance, if I am writing a song that is supposed to make the listener feel sad, I would use simple instrumentation with a dark vocal style, but if I am writing a song that is supposed to make the listener laugh, the instrumentation and the vocals will be much more exaggerated.

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