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Three basic priciples

            Childhood is a time of rapid learning and respect. In to progress in life I must determine the appropriate values and goals to succeed in a world of competition. As a child I preached many concepts but no other had a sentimental value as "Keep your chin up". My father used to tell me this because he would see how quite and lonely I would be. At first I did not know what it meant until I figured it meant whatever I wanted it to mean. So simple, yet so meaningful.
             Life is so delicate. We must know how to give and embrace it, not take and misuse it. I live under three basic principle family, determination, and imagination. Family to be the most respected. I cannot gain subsistence without family because that's what ultimately motivates me to achieve my goals. Determination is also important in fulfilling my dreams, my goals. Determination is what makes success. Imagination is probably one of the best accouterments the human mind posses. I try to foresee my future even though my existence is full of unexpected surprises and I try to never look back, but to look ahead.
             I begin to employ my basic principles into my goals. One of my goals is to graduate and acquire a masters degree in culinary to become an executive chef and own my very own restaurant. As a young child I've learned how to appreciate and love food. I want to part of people's lives having the privilege to cook and serve great cuisine and end up knowing that contributed into making someone's day more satisfying.
             In conclusion, I've learned to value my three basic principles family, determination, and imagination. Life is about learning from mistakes and having much respect for one another. I give thanks to my parents and all those who have tried to put me down because they helped me to illuminate my way of life. Only by keeping my chin up never looking back, never be brought down, and to look ahead will I be steps closer to accomplishing my many goals.

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