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Ivy essay

             The following essays were received into one or more of the following.
             schools: Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, Cornell, Berkeley, NYU, UVA,.
             Michigan, Georgetown, Columbia, Duke, UNC, U. Penn.   .
             Personal Statement #1.
             "You can't judge a book by its cover."   As a child, this was one cliché to.
             which I was particularly devoted.   In addition to the customary.
             difficulties of adjusting to adolescence and a new school environment, I.
             entered middle school with an unusual liability:   I suffered from facial.
             tics, the most persistent of which was a frequent, involuntary eye twitch.
             Only a few weeks into the seventh grade, I acquired the nickname "Blinky".
             and, at an age when insecurities already run rampant, my identity was.
             permanently defined by the feature which I hated most in myself.   Even back.
             then I realized that the teasing was always affectionate, and I made.
             friends quickly; nevertheless, I spent years with a nagging feeling that I.
             was somehow aberrant.   Gradually, however, my tics diminished in both.
             frequency and intensity, and by the time I entered college they had largely.
             I wanted to discuss this condition because I believe that, as an.
             ever-present factor during many of these formative years, the experience.
             played a major role in shaping the adult I have become.   Although ten years.
             ago I would never have foreseen that my tics could be a powerful vehicle.
             for personal growth, I believe that the experience has helped me to develop.
             a heightened sensitivity for those who have struggled to fit in socially.
             It was this factor, for example, which led me to become a Resident.
             Assistant as an undergraduate at Stanford for two years, and which has.
             prompted my involvement with various community service projects, giving me.
             the opportunity to interact with troubled and disadvantaged youth.   .
             Most importantly, as a person who often felt different while growing.

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