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Snapple Brand Marketing

            Snapple was one of the first brands on the market from the "Alternative beverage market" that appealed to young, health conscious, different, urban, professionals. Being one of the first to market could be credited as to why the company was so successful during the period of 1972 to 1993. In fact, Snapple flourished between 1972 and 1993 for numerous reasons. The founders hired professional management to help them grow. The first thing new management did was to increase Snapple's advertising budget. This allowed for many improvements in the marketing of the company and the promotion of the brand of Snapple. They hired focus groups to help them improve the design of the label. This new promotion for Snapple was a mix of public relations and advertising. .
             Snapple also expanded their distribution system, especially in the Northeast where they were very successful. They concentrated on distribution the product to mainly small stores, pharmacies, gas stations, and convenience stores. They got their distribution channels "talking up" the product to increase volume.
             Snapple received unpaid media attention from their spokesperson that they hired. Her name was Wendy Kaufman, who had a very likeable personality and a bash New York attitude. She even appeared on television shows, which brought the brand further attention. The brand was very individual, an little on the rebel side, and even sponsored 2 controversial radio talk shows, Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh. They both adopted Snapple into their shows as even a subject to talk about. .
             If I were Mike Weinstein my first priority would be to change the image of Snapple to what it used to be. The marketing and advertising plan that Snapple first had adopted worked very well. I do not think they should go back to exactly what they used to have, but they should set up the brand to change what people think about it. Howard Stern was a huge advertiser to Snapple.

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